Finding grace when all you can see is chaos

finding grace

   Welcome if you are joining me from Holly Barrett’s Blog: Reclaiming a redeemed life! Do you ever think “How come everyone else seems to have it all together?” or “All I want to do today is pull the covers over my head and hide!” You’re not the only one struggling to find grace in […]

Word of the Week: Relationships

word of the week relationships

As I sat down with my diary and asked God what my focus should be this week I became aware that a lot of activities involved spending time with people. It’s a week full of investing in relationships. I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone. There is something soul satisfying about good relationships. We […]

3 Ideas to Achieve your Health Goals

Ideas Health Goals

  How are you going with your goals or your new years resolutions? Is your year looking good or has it already gone pear shaped? Apparently, only 8 percent of us will continue our new years resolution after six months. One of my goals for 2015 is to loose weight and focus on my taking […]

How to achieve clarity for your New Year

clarity new year

Everywhere you look people are full of hope for the New Year. If you are already thinking of what 2015 will look like, dreaming up your New Year’s resolutions or planning your top 5 goals, then don’t go any further before trying one idea.     We live in a culture that is forever rushing […]

Christmas Traditions Old and New

xmas table

If you are here from Melanie S Pickett’s Flying Blonde Blog then G’day from Australia! I’m excited to be joining her Guest blog series: Christmas in My Corner. I’d love to share with you what Australian Christmas traditions look like for our family. Old Traditions  Every year my mum, my sister and I have the […]